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  • Which Saucony Shoe is Best for Me?

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    Which Saucony Shoe is Best for Me?

    Which Saucony Shoe is Best for Me?

    If practice makes perfect, then Saucony running shoes are some of the best shoes on the market. As one of the oldest running shoe companies in the world, they’ve been setting the pace since 1898! Saucony is best known for their racing styles, but they also make shoes perfect for walkers, beginning runners, and experienced pros. Their motto is “We exist for runners”, and we’ve definitely found that to be true here at Goodmiles! We love their super-soft PWRRUN midsole foam, podiatrist-approved designs, and snug FORMFIT uppers.


    Check out our recommendations for which Saucony shoes are best for different kinds of movers, and stop by Goodmiles Greenfield or Goodmiles Brookfield to see our full selection and get additional advice from our Fit Experts!

    Best Saucony Shoes for Daily Training

    The Saucony Ride 16 is a dream-like combination of performance and comfort, making them the perfect Saucony shoes for everyday training.

    One of the features that makes this style so great is its PWRRUN midsole foam. The cushioning of this midsole is incredibly bouncy and flexible, energizing your steps every single time you put your shoes on. It’s engineered to be equally as comfortable and supportive at the beginning of your run as at the end, and even after weeks or months of use. These shoes are reliable and long-lasting, making them a great antidote to daily wear and tear. 


    Another notable feature of the Ride 16 is the sidewalls of the midsole. The midsole isn’t just flat underfoot; it rises up slightly along the sides to cradle and guide your foot. This support is subtle, making it good for those who generally wear neutral shoes or those who prefer moderate stability shoes.


    Shop men’s and women’s styles of the Saucony Ride 16 in store or online.


    Best Saucony Shoe for Long Distance and Marathon Running

    We recommend Saucony’s Triumph 20 as a great shoe for distance running. From its cushion to traction to a glove-like fit, you’ll reach for this shoe every time you want to get in a lot of goodmiles.

    Like the Ride 16, the Triumph 20 features Saucony’s PWRRUN midsole foam. This cushioning will keep you comfortable mile after mile, helping to reduce fatigue after workouts. This shoe also has a durable rubber outsole, which means you can run for longer time periods and across a variety of terrains with no problem.


    One of runners’ favorite things about this shoe is how well it fits. The upper and laces of this shoe were redesigned by Saucony to hug your feet all the way around without sacrificing flexibility, and strategic areas of padding around the ankle make it feel like a cushioned dream.


    Shop men’s and women’s styles of the Saucony Triumph 20  in store or online.


    Best Saucony Shoe for Everyday Running and Walking

    When choosing a Saucony shoe you’ll want to reach for every morning, we instantly thought of the Omni 21. It’s one of the best Saucony shoes for walking and everyday runs because of its adaptable upper and podiatrist-approved design.

    Both the upper and midsole of this shoe feature Saucony’s famous FORMFIT design. On top of the PWRRUN midsole foam is a layer of contoured FORMFIT cushioning that adapts to your foot. The upper has thoughtfully placed areas of similar cushioning that keep your foot comfortable and secure, and the overarching mesh makes it breathable and flexible. Basically, your shoe will feel like it was custom-made for you. 


    Even better, the Omni 21 is an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) certified shoe. That means that podiatrists (doctors who specialize in foot and lower limb health) have approved this shoe as beneficial for foot health and good for regular use. You couldn’t ask for a better stamp of approval for an everyday shoe.


    Shop men’s and women’s styles of the Saucony Omni 21 in store or online.


    Best Saucony Shoes for Race Training 

    You may have heard of carbon plate shoes being a popular choice for racing shoes, but Saucony breaks the mold with their Endorphin Speed 3. This shoe uses a nylon plate instead of carbon, which is perfect for the runner who dislikes the stiffness of carbon but still wants a higher energy return than a regular running shoe.


    The Endorphin Speed 3 has an S-curved winged nylon plate. Essentially, what this means is that there’s a layer of firm nylon in your midsole, and this nylon is geometrically designed to quicken your transition from toe-off to landing. Because it guides your steps so effectively, you’ll get a better energy return from each step, which increases speed and efficiency.


    Nylon plates are better for race training than they are for race running. Compared to carbon, nylon is slightly softer but more durable, so your feet will take less of a beating with each run and the shoes will last longer. We still recommend carbon plated shoes for actual racing, but for training with speed in mind, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 can’t be beat!


    Shop men’s and women’s styles of the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 in store or online.


    Best Saucony Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis or Overpronating

    If you are a moderate overpronator or have mild plantar fasciitis, it can be hard to decide between neutral shoes (shoes that don’t have extra guidance and structure) and stability shoes (shoes that control and correct your steps). The perfect middle ground is the Saucony Tempus, which has stabilizing features without overcorrecting your stride.

    The Tempus has structure and flexibility in just the right places to deal with your foot pain. In the midsole, the PWRRUN Frame has a curved shape that smooths out your steps and supports your feet and ankles.There’s firmer cushioning along the inside of your foot, which gives extra support for pronators, but it’s not as aggressive as a full medial post would be in a stability shoe. Additional support comes from a snug heel and ankle area that keeps your feet locked in. Meanwhile, the shoe’s extra cushioning softens your strides and helps with fatigue and pain from plantar fasciitis. The toe box has plenty of room, and the mesh upper provides lots of flexibility. 


    Like the Omni 21, the Tempus is an APMA approved shoe, so it's one of the best Saucony shoes for plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and other foot health concerns. 


    Shop men’s and women’s styles of the Saucony Tempus in store or online.


    We’re Here to Help You Find the Right Saucony Shoes!

    Saucony has options for every type of movement, from a casual walk to a speed-driven run. We hope this guide gave you a head start in choosing which Saucony shoe is best for you!  We welcome (and encourage!) you to stop in a Goodmiles Running Company store – the best fits are found in person. Our Fit Experts are here for every one of your goodmiles!




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