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    The Goodmiles Running Experience

    The Goodmiles Running Experience

    What to Expect

    When you come into Goodmiles Running Company, you’ll be greeted by one of our Fit Experts: a person who gets it, who knows how to make your run its very best! Our Fit Experts are here to answer all your questions and to find the athletic shoes that will get you across your finish line, whatever it may be.


    1. First, they'll use our Brannock device and our Volumental foot scanner to measure your foot size and determine your arch type. You'll also walk across our dynamic gait pad so Volumental can analyze your gait, uncovering stride issues like overpronation, supination, and more.

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    2. Then, they'll bring you a selection of comfortable, high-performance shoes that fit just right and give support where you need it. Our Fit Experts can also help you choose an insole for added cushion and support and to solve those post-run aches and pains (we've been there, too). We want you to be not only in the best shape of your life, but also feeling your best every step of the way.


    3. At Goodmiles, you'll also be able to shop the best accessories for your run or walk, from running shirts and shorts to waterproofing spray and socks. Running is a head-to-toe experience, so we provide you with everything you need for every mile of your run.

    But Goodmiles is more than just a shopping experience. The running community is an incredible group of people, so we’re giving you plenty of ways to connect with runners just like you! Running groups, walking groups, fun runs, wellness days, and more events are just a few of the great opportunities our Goodmiles customers have to be part of the running world.


    And, just because we like you so much, we want to give you rewards! Whether you make a purchase or stop by an event, you can earn points towards free shoes and apparel. Tracking your points is easy on our Goodmiles Running mobile app, available on iPhone and Android. Watch yourself level up with every Goodmiles experience!

    Goodmiles Rewards

    Goodmiles has a lot planned for our first year, so stay up-to-date on everything Goodmiles Running Company when you subscribe to our email list or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @goodmilesrunning. You’ll never have to miss a new shoe or exciting event again!

    In the end, whatever shoes, apparel, or accessories that you choose, and whatever experiences you join us for, you can trust that your next miles will be good miles.


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