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  • Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

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    Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

    We don’t have to tell you about the joy running brings – or about the pain and frustration that shin splints can cause.


    “Shin splints” refers to pain in your shin’s tibia bone and in the muscles and tissue surrounding it. Inflammation causes mild to severe pain in the lower legs, which may occur during exercise or even during everyday movement. It typically develops due to stress caused by repetitive motions such as running. 


    Shin splints are common in athletes (especially runners), those with overly low or high arches, and people who wear unsupportive shoes during movement


    Shin splints can develop into stress fractures if you don’t address them; however, if cared for properly, it’s possible to make a full recovery. Pain relievers include rest, ice, stretching, and supportive shoes.


    The latter is our specialty here at Goodmiles! Read on to discover what to look for in shoes for shin splints, and get our recommendations for best shoes to recover from shin splints.


    What to Look for in Shoes for Shin Splints


    Shoes are a key factor in treating shin splints and preventing them from happening again. Here are some qualities to look for in shoes to treat shin splints:


    • Flexibility: Shoes made with flexible fabric, such as mesh, allow natural movement that reduces extra strain on your shin.
    • Stability: Shoes with built-in stability elements can help reduce pronation (feet rolling inward or outward), which is a common cause of shin splints.
    • Good cushioning: Well-cushioned shoes can absorb and reduce shock of impact on your shins, reducing the stress traveling up your legs..


    Check out the following shoes that meet some (or all!) of this criteria. 



    On Cloudgo

    The On Cloudgo features several of On Running’s cutting edge technologies. Its CloudTec® cushioning is more than just soft; it adapts to your footfall by compressing both horizontally and vertically depending on where your shoe strikes the ground. This offers targeted, personalized support. 


    Additionally, the Speedboard® softens landings, which reduces the shock of impact on your shins. It also provides much-need flexibility by bending with you when you run, increasing your energy and propulsion while not restraining your natural movement.


    Shop On's Cloudgo in stores or online. 


    HOKA Clifton 


    All of HOKA’s shoes offer their signature cushion, so you can’t go wrong with any HOKA style when recovering from shin splints. One of our personal favorites is HOKA’s Clifton 9.


    The Clifton 9 has a knit upper that flexes with your foot, keeping you locked in without restraining movement. It features a maximum 33mm stack height for men and 29mm stack height for women, but don’t let that fool you – even with the extra cushioning, the Clifton 9 is one of the most lightweight running shoes you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing. 


    As an added bonus, the Clifton 9 has the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Approval. This means that a team of foot doctors has endorsed this shoe as healthy and beneficial for your feet!


    Shop HOKA’s Clifton in stores or online.


    New Balance Fresh Foam 1080


    One of New Balance’s most lauded running shoes, the Fresh Foam 1080 is the shin splint solution you’ve been looking for.


    The 1080’s layer of midsole foam makes this shoe New Balance’s most cushioned style, and it's crafted with small foam beads that soften your landings without losing any of your energy. Its Hyponknit upper is a mesh material that strategically guides your foot without feeling held back. Finally, it has a snug fit due to its gusseted tongue and padded heel collar, good for supporting your steps.


    Shop the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 in stores or online.


    Brooks Adrenaline GTS


    If your feet would benefit from extra guidance, any Brooks shoe with “GTS” in the name is a great option! GTS indicates that a shoe features Brooks’ GuideRails® technology. This keeps excess movement in control by placing two firm pieces of foam on either side of your heel. This prevents pronation in the foot and ankle, which in turn stops excess movement of the shin. 


    Brooks Adrenaline GTS is one of the best-selling Brooks GTS shoes, and for good reason. In addition to GuideRails®, it features DNA LOFT cushioning, which is made of foam, rubber, and air. This makes it both super soft and super supportive. 


    Shop the Brooks Adrenaline GTS in stores or online.


    Shoes for Shin Splints in Milwaukee


    Visit Goodmiles Running Company in Brookfield and Greenfield to shop for running shoes that help with shin splint pain. Our Fit Experts have dozens of recommendations for you, and they’ll make sure all your next miles are good miles!




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