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  • Cross Training for Runners

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    Cross Training for Runners

    Running is a fantastic activity to keep you moving and in shape. Whether you run for fitness or fun, you can improve your performance by adding other workouts into your routine.


    Check out a few of our favorite supplemental training workouts for runners below, and explore the full range of shoes to help you train at goodmilesrunning.com or Goodmiles Running Company in Brookfield and Greenfield.


    See you out there, running buddies!


    Why Should Runners Do Supplemental Training?

    • Injury resistance or prevention
    • Stronger muscles and joints
    • Improved flexibility 
    • Better energy return while running
    • Balanced fitness and general wellness


    There are dozens of activities that provide these benefits, so all you have to do is choose one that’s fun and useful to you!


    Lifting & Strength Training for Runners

    Strength training is probably the most important supplemental workout you can add to your running routine. It targets areas of the body that running alone may not help with, and it is hugely important for injury prevention. Plus, it makes you faster and more efficient!


    Strength training is also called resistance training, and the fundamental idea is to use weight (whether your body weight or external equipment) to bolster a variety of muscle groups. 


    Strength training is one of the most versatile and easy practices to fit into your fitness routine. You can start at home with just your body, doing push-ups, lunges, planks, and more, or you can buy a few simple pieces of equipment like hand weights and resistance bands. You can also visit a gym to enjoy a wider range of equipment.


    Check out seven key exercises to get started with this great article from Runner’s World.


    Cycling for Runners

    Runners can reap many benefits from cycling, whether indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on bike paths. It’s the perfect workout for both cross-training and recovery.


    Cycling targets similar muscles to running but in a different way, which is useful for building up the comprehensive strength of those muscles. At the same time, cycling doesn’t require the impact on your joints and ankles that running does, so it helps to protect and preserve those areas.


    This means that cycling is great to do the day after an intense run, since it can work your leg muscles to reduce soreness and increase blood flow to your legs. It also can keep you in shape if you’re recovering from an injury and can’t run while you do so; when you can hit the pavement again, your muscles will still be in good shape.


    Check out some effective cycling workouts for runners in this great article from Runner’s Blueprint.


    Barre for Runners

    Barre is a combination of dance, Pilates, and yoga that targets muscles throughout your whole body to improve mobility and flexibility. It’s a low-impact (but still effectively strenuous!) full-body workout.


    A big benefit of barre for runners is that it improves your body’s alignment. From your feet to your knees to your spine, improving your alignment can keep you safe and strong while running, reducing the change of injuries or soreness. It also strengthens the stabilizing muscles in your core, which helps you to run comfortably for longer.


    Barre is typically done in a class setting, which is great for motivation and socializing. Check out the many barre studios around the Milwaukee area, such as Pure Barre, Barre Milwaukee, and the Barre Code.


    Yoga and Pilates for Runners

    Yoga and Pilates are both hugely popular for all types of movers, including runners. Both include many of the same benefits as barre, such as strength, movement, and flexibility. For runners, it’s a great recovery workout and a chance to work on different muscle groups.


    Another benefit that yoga and Pilates provides runners is balance. Being sure-footed and stable is very important for terrain and trail runners, so training your body to be balanced is extremely helpful. Additionally, both practices focus on breath training, which creates endurance in your lungs. 


    Runner’s World offers a lot of excellent resources for getting started with yoga and Pilates, which you can check out here. Both practices can be done solo at home or in studio classes – try it all out to find what works best for you!


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    Your running shoes may not be equipped for certain types of training, or you may just want to save them for your runs. The good news is that shoes made specifically for training exist, and we sell many of the best picks on the market at Goodmiles!


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    Make every mile a goodmile, running buddies!



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