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  • Are Running and Walking Good for Mental Health?

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    Are Running and Walking Good for Mental Health?

    The world is full of tips and tricks for how to improve your mental health. It can be overwhelming to figure out which are right for you, but there’s one strategy that is almost universally agreed upon: exercise. 


    Specifically, walking and running both have many physical, emotional, and mental benefits that can begin addressing the mental health challenges you’re facing.


    Discover all the benefits that running and walking can bring to your life below, and know that Goodmiles is here for you every step of the way.


    Though extremely beneficial, exercise is just part of the solution. As you address your mental health, please consult a doctor, mental health counselor, or trusted resources such as the National Alliance of Mental Illness.


    Is Walking Good for Your Mental Health?

    For new and experienced movers alike, walking is a great activity to warm up or to start experiencing the benefits of exercise. It’s great for your body, and here are some benefits you’ll experience for your mind:


    1. Endorphin Release: Movement activates endorphins in your brain, and the release of this important hormone triggers positive feelings. 
    2. Energy Boost: Energy is closely related to blood flow, and the more you move, the more your blood circulates.
    3. Stress Relief: Muscles can get tight during inactivity, so they will relax as you walk. The release of this physical tension may ease the corresponding mental tension. 
    4. Better Sleep: Your brain needs good quality sleep to recover from each day, and exercise has been found to positively correlate with the quality of deep sleep you experience.

    To maximize the physical and mental benefits of your walking routine, try to balance it with a healthy diet, regular sleep, and other physical activity. It’s ok to not do everything at once, but working your way up to all of this slowly will be extremely helpful. Please talk to your doctor if you have any questions or need guidance about making lifestyle changes. 


    Walking isn’t just exercises: it can be a lot of fun to explore beautiful places around the city! Check out our guide to the best walking paths and hiking trails near Milwaukee.


    Goodmiles has dozens of shoes you’ll love as you start or continue your walking journey. Check out a few of our best walking shoes, or discover specific brands such as On, Saucony, and New Balance


    Is Running Good for Your Mental Health?

    Running is regularly recognized as an activity that’s hugely beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional health. It includes all the walking benefits mentioned above, plus a few more:


    1. Boosted Brain Power: New brain cells are created during aerobic exercises such as running. This improves your learning, decision making, and higher thinking.
    2. The “Runner’s High”: A runner’s high is a feeling of euphoria followed by relaxation. It’s like experiencing the endorphins of walking, but even more enjoyable.
    3. Enhanced Creativity: Running releases dopamine and encourages right-brain activity, both of which increase creativity.

    Starting a running routine may seem intimidating, but our blog has plenty of resources to help you begin or return to this great form of exercise. Explore everything from race training to running safety tips, and explore great running shoe options from On, Saucony, and New Balance


    Find Community in Goodmiles Run Club

    A challenge found in both running and mental health is feeling like you have to do it alone. That’s why Goodmiles created a community of Milwaukee runners who meet every week to hang out, run, and enjoy each other’s company! 


    Goodmiles Running Company hosts two run clubs every week, one in Brookfield and one in Greenfield. Our run clubs are made for all ages, paces, and levels of interest. Everyone is welcome! Learn more about what to expect and the benefits of running with others. 



    Goodmiles is Here to Help

    As you begin your walking or running journey, the team of Fit Experts at Goodmiles Running Company wants to get you going with the right gear. A high-quality pair of athletic shoes can go a long way for both your physical and mental comfort, and we have a great selection from the top brands on the market!


    Stop by our locations in Brookfield and Greenfield to try out our shoes, apparel, and other gear or to speak with a team member. You can also shop our selection online anytime at goodmilesrunning.com.


    No matter what mental health challenges you’re facing, know that you are not alone. We encourage you to find the support systems and coping strategies you need to enjoy a healthy, and happy life. 




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