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  • Which New Balance Shoe is Right for Me?

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    Which New Balance Shoe is Right for Me?

    Since 1906, New Balance has established itself at the forefront of the running shoe industry. Known for its consistent performance, noticeable comfort, and stylish design, New Balance is worn by top athletes as well as everyday runners and walkers. We know this firsthand – it’s our top-selling brand here at Goodmiles Running Company!


    For whatever miles you’re running, from your first mile to your first marathon, or from the roads to the trails, New Balance has a shoe that will match you step for step. They also have styles that can effectively address foot pain or health concerns.


    Here are a few of our top New Balance picks to make every mile a good mile. For more tips and recommendations, visit our Fit Experts at either of our Goodmiles locations. They’ll scan and measure your feet, listen to your needs, and help you try on the right shoes to find your perfect fit. We want you to feel your best to take on every workout and adventure!


    Best New Balance Shoe for Beginning Runners

    If you’re just starting your running journey, you’ll want to go easy on your feet with a shoe that your feet can adapt to easily. Two of our favorite neutral New Balance shoes for new runners are the Fresh Foam X 1080v12 and Fresh Foam X 880v13. Neutral designs like these don’t control your movement, so your feet will move naturally as you run, which is good for discovering what your running style is.


    Both shoes have a mid-range level of stability and cushioning; the 1080 has slightly more Fresh Foam than the 880 if you prefer a plusher underfoot feeling. Additional features include a mesh upper that fits your feet snugly while still providing flexibility and rubber outsoles that are durable for all your early miles. These are great starter shoes, and many people continue running in them even after they’re seasoned runners!



    Best New Balance Shoe for Marathon Running

    Training for a marathon requires a shoe as tough as you are, which is why we recommend the FuelCell SuperComp Trainer. This shoe is built to maximize the energy return of your stride, which it does through New Balance’s Energy Arc technology. If you look at the bottom of this shoe, you’ll see a large indent extending through the length of the outsole; the shoe is engineered that way so that a firm carbon plate in the midsole can flatten every time you hit the ground and then reshape with your next step. This propels you forward with increased speed and efficiency.


    Don’t worry, though the hardness of the carbon plate is minimized by a 47mm stack height of cushioning. This is part of the “maximalist” cushioning trend we’re currently seeing in a lot of running shoe brands. More cushioning helps to reduce impact on your joints so you can recover more quickly after each run, which is especially important when you regularly run long distances. 26.2 mile distances, to be exact.


    Best New Balance Shoe for Road Running

    If you’re a fan of road running, you already know all the pros: beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the freedom to go anywhere. You also probably know about the unique challenges it presents, especially when it comes to uneven terrain and sudden changes in direction. That’s why our favorite New Balance shoe for outdoor running is the Fresh Foam X More v4. This style features an extra-thick layer of cushioning throughout the shoe’s whole length, which means that you won’t feel small disturbances like pebbles underfoot. It also will make your ride feel smooth through slight changes of road elevation.


    The More v4 is also engineered with carefully placed flex zones that allow your feet to move naturally around curves and bends. Its outsole rocker also helps with this, as it absorbs shock at the heel and helps you push off at the forefoot. Your feet will thank you as you explore everywhere from city streets to country roads in the More v4.



    Best New Balance Shoe for Trail Running

    Trail running is a fun challenge for runners who love the outdoors, and you need a shoe that’s up to the task. Our recommended New Balance shoe for hiking and trail running is the Fresh Foam Hierro v7, which is constructed with a special outsole especially for trail running. New Balance’s Vibram® Megagrip outsole does just what it says it does: it grips the ground with top-tier traction and durability. Slippery terrain and obstacles like twigs and rocks are no match for this tough sole.


    Besides the regular Hierro styles, Goodmiles also carries the Mid GTX design. This version of the Hierro has a mid-cut upper that provides extra support to your ankles on uneven trails, and it has a waterproof Gore-Tex (GTX) lining that protects from wind and moisture. For the regular or ultra-serious trail runner, this is a great choice!




    Best New Balance Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet

    For anyone struggling with Plantar Fasciitis and/or flat feet, one of our top recommendations is to get a shoe that is made for stability and constructed with a lot of cushioning; avoid neutral shoes because they don’t give your feet any extra support. A New Balance stability shoe that we love is the 860v13. It includes a supportive medial post, which is a section of the midsole that’s firmer than the rest of the cushioning that helps to control and correct your motion. This supports the arch and reduces overpronation, which can cause or be caused by Plantar Fasciitis. However, the 860v13 still provides plenty of cushioning to relieve the stress and pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, which means you get both instant pain relief and long-term prevention. 




    Best New Balance Shoe for Overpronation

    If you overpronate or roll your foot inward, when you walk, a motion-control shoe is a great way to counteract this painful habit. Our top choice for a New Balance shoe for overpronators is the 1540v3. This shoe is designed specifically for overpronation with two layers of foam, an ENCAP midsole, and Rollbar technology. ENCAP combines soft cushioning with a firm rim in the midsole, and the Rollbar prevents extra movement in the heel. These two technologies together prevent your foot from rotating inwards like it naturally wants to, keeping it straight instead.



    We’re Here to Help!

    New Balance truly has options for every type of runner, and we hope this guide gave you a good start towards choosing which one is right for you! There are a lot of factors that go into picking shoes made for your goals and feet, so we welcome you to stop in our stores anytime or contact us online or by phone. We’re here for you every mile!



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