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  • 6 Benefits of Joining a Milwaukee Running Club

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    6 Benefits of Joining a Milwaukee Running Club

    Do you love to run but don’t want to do it alone? Want to start your running journey but aren’t sure how? Looking to get back into it after some time away? No matter what kind of runner you are, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


    Goodmiles Running Company hosts two run clubs for Milwaukee runners every week. Our run clubs are made for all ages, paces, and levels of interest. Everyone is welcome!


    At Run Club, you can expect to warm up and start the run together as a group. People will start to break off from the group depending on their pace, if they want to walk, jog or run, it’s all good because at the end we will meet back at the Goodmiles store for stretching and a cool down! There’s water, snacks, stickers, and good vibes! Run as far as you want, as long or short as you want, we have routes for every mileage. 


    Our Greenfield Run Club hosts runs every Tuesday at 6 PM, and our Brookfield Run Club hosts runs every Thursday at 6 PM. It’s always free but we ask that you register online so we can take a headcount of the group then all you need to do is come as you are, be ready to run and get those goodmiles in!


    Not convinced yet? Here are 6 good reasons to join Milwaukee’s new favorite running club:


    1. Get Tips from Other Runners (or Share Your Expertise!)

    No one knows running quite like runners! If you're just starting out or are getting back into running, fellow runners are a great source of information.


    Your experienced running buddies may have tips about anything and everything related to the running experience. They may have a great strategy for staying motivated, or be able to recommend their favorite running shoes, or share their favorite pre- or post-workout snacks. If you have questions about running, you can go straight to the source!


    Even better, one of the best parts of local Running Clubs is just that: they’re local! Members are likely to know the best areas to run in the city and can give great route recommendations. They also may be in-the-know about races and other running events, so you can use running as a way to get even more involved in the community. 


    2. Learn from Professional Run Coaches

    Just as good as the advice of other runners is the advice of professional coaches. Whereas fellow runners are great for local recommendations and sharing new ideas, the coaches and specialists who organize run clubs are your go-to for health advice, running shoe recommendations, and more!


    Runners often deal with soreness and foot pain related to running, such as blisters, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and more. Running professionals can give you advice to treat these conditions and avoid future injuries. 


    Coaches are also great for giving advice related to improving your run. Whether you're having trouble picking up the pace, don’t know what to eat, or need specific training plans, your best choice is to consult the experts! Our hired run coaches are here to answer any running, fitness, and nutrition related questions!


    3. Encourage Each Other As You Run

    Running is often fun and joyful, but let’s be honest: It can also be really hard sometimes. On days when you’re having a hard time keeping up the pace or when you want to give up, having a running buddy there with you can make a huge difference!


    Run clubs are supportive environments made up of people who love the run and understand the struggles. Encouraging words from fellow runners can be just the pick-me-up you need to finish that last mile, stay in shape, and achieve your goals. Running with friends also makes the time go faster because you’re having more fun – soon enough, you might not even notice you’re running!


    As you make progress on your running journey, you’ll also have a team there to celebrate your victories with you. Every mile is a good mile, but for those extra-special moments, having your run club there to support makes achievements even sweeter.


    4. Motivate Yourself to Run Farther and Faster

    Nothing motivates quite like peer pressure – in the best possible way! When you run solo, there’s no one there to keep up with; when you run in a group, it’s more likely that you’ll stay on pace, push yourself farther, and go faster to keep up with your new running buddies.


    You don’t have to just take our word for it: when members of a group work harder than they would individually, it’s called the Köhler Effect. Athletes and teams in a range of sports have harnessed the Köhler Effect to their advantage, pushing themselves to perform better together.


    5. Make New Friends!

    It’s a well-known fact that one of the best ways to make friends as an adult is through your hobbies! Athletics in general are a great way to bring people together, and Running Clubs are no exception.


    When you join a run club, you’re spending time with people who know and love the run. Runners are passionate people, and there’s nothing quite like bonding with someone by chatting during a run, grabbing post-workout dinner or drinks, or even signing up for races together!


    Goodmiles Run Club is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all runners. Bringing like-minded people together is what we do, and there’s nothing we love more than seeing new friendships come to life during our weekly runs. Join our community to experience it for yourself!


    6. Get Into A Running Routine

    When you’re running by yourself, the only person setting your schedule and keeping you on track is you. That strategy works for a lot of people, but it’s often very helpful to have outside accountability as well.


    When you make run club a regular event in your week, it becomes a lot easier to set aside consistent time to run. Rather than squeezing a run into your schedule whenever you have free time, you can plan to attend run club the same way as you would any other social event. This ensures that you’ll get in at least one good workout every single week. We’re all busy, but run clubs are great for making running a priority in your calendar!


    Join Goodmiles Run Club! 

    We hope you’ll join us for Goodmiles Run Club soon! Our team of Fit Experts and regular running buddies are so excited to welcome you to the group. Experience all the physical and social benefits of running groups today!



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