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  • Best Winter Running Shoes and Apparel

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    Best Winter Running Shoes and Apparel

    Rain, snow, sleet, or hail can’t stop the dedication of a determined runner! With the proper gear, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy outdoor runs all year long.

    Learn what to look for in your shoes for winter running and apparel for cold, wet, and windy weather. Then, check out our recommendations below or shop the full Goodmiles collection at our locations in Brookfield or Greenfield or online at goodmilesrunning.com!


    What to Look for In Winter Running Shoes

    Snow, ice, and rain can make it difficult to get good traction while running, and it also increases the uncomfortable risk of wet feet. Luckily, there are plenty of shoes made with features to counteract just that!


    Here’s what to look for in cold-weather running shoes:

    • Waterproof Materials: Check if the upper is made of waterproof or water-resistant materials. The best material for snowy or rainy running is GORE-TEX, which will let sweat out but won't let water in.
    • Grippy Outsoles: Check if the sole is made of rubber. Bonus points if it has deep and/or multi-directional treads!
    • High-Top Coverage: If you run on trails or other infrequently-plowed areas, look for shoes that cover up to or above your ankle so water can’t sneak in the sides of your heels.
    • Visibility: Winter running is often synonymous with nighttime running, so it’s good to wear shoes with reflective elements when possible. 


    What to Wear For Winter Running

    The key factor in choosing a winter running outfit is simple: warmth! 


    For your upper body, we recommend wearing three layers:

    • A moisture-wicking base layer to pull sweat and other liquid away from your body.
    • A soft, warm middle layer to keep you warm.
    • A waterproof and windproof out layer to keep the elements at bay.


    For your lower body, you should either wear a good-quality pair of leggings/tights or windproof pants. If the temperature is getting close to zero or below, it is best to layer up with both.


    We also highly encourage runners to eliminate exposed skin wherever possible. Hats, headbands, neck gaiters, gloves, and socks are all your friends!


    In all of these apparel items, good traits include

    • Thermal, insulating materials
    • Reflective elements
    • Waterproof materials


    Best Shoes for Winter Running at Goodmiles

    Goodmiles has dozens of options for all your winter running needs! Here are our top picks:


    Brooks’ Divide 4 GTX

    • GORE-TEX mesh upper stops water from getting into your shoe while still being lightweight and breathable.
    • TrailTrack Runner outsole and high surface area lugs are designed to provide traction on wet and uneven terrain.
    • Mudguard prevents your shoes from getting soaked or dirty.



    HOKA Speedgoat 5 GTX:

    • GORE-TEX upper provides waterproof protection against rain and snow.
    • Vibram®/Megagrip/with Traction Lug/provides traction on slippery and loose ground.
    • Rubber toe cap protects your toes from debris. 



    Saucony Endorphin Speed 3:

    • XT-900 rubber outsole pattern grips the road better.
    • Higher-profile ankle gives snow less room to slip into your shoes.
    • S-curve, winged nylon plate returns energy efficiently to keep you moving for longer.


    These and more are available in both men’s and women’s styles in store and online.


    Best Apparel for Winter Running at Goodmiles

    Dress for winter from head-to-toe with Goodmiles apparel! Here are our top picks:


    Hats, Gloves, and More: 


    Upper Body & Outerwear

    • Women’s Heat Grid Half-Zip: This long-sleeve running shirt is made with NB-Heat technology and a fleece interior to keep you warm, while moisture transport enhancing features will keep you dry and comfortable.
    • Women’s EZ T Long Sleeve: Quick n’fit material is sweat-wicking, fast-drying and won’t cling to your body.
    • Men’s Down Vest: This lightweight vest is made with a wind-resistant exterior shell and side ventilation for breathability.


    Lower Body


    Shop our full apparel collections for men and women in store and online.


    Shop Winter Running Gear in Milwaukee

    Goodmiles Running Company has the shoes, apparel, and accessories to keep you warm and safe while running in cold and wet weather. Shop 24/7 online at goodmilesrunning.com, or browse our full collection in person at our two locations in Brookfield and Greenfield.


    If you need help choosing the right style for you, our experienced and passionate team of Fit Experts are there to help! They’ll measure and scan your feet, listen to your needs, and pick out your perfect fit.


    Enjoy your winter runs, running buddies!



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