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  • New Year, New Goals: A Runner's Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals

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    New Year, New Goals: A Runner's Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals

    Welcome to the exciting world of running, brought to you by Goodmiles Running Company – your local shop for top running shoe brands and lively Run Clubs! As the new year unfolds, many of us are gearing up to embrace the energizing challenge of setting and achieving running goals. Whether you're a beginner runner or an intermediate racer, the journey begins with a simple yet powerful step – goal-setting.


    Setting the Right Goals:

    1. Races as Milestones: Races aren't just events; they are fantastic goals that keep you accountable and motivated. Whether it's a new distance, an adventurous trail, or an obstacle race, consider setting your sights on a race to fuel your passion for running.
    2. Realistic Preparation: Be realistic about the time you need to prepare and the time you can commit to training. Treat your workouts as appointments in your week – a commitment to your physical and mental well-being.
    3. Buddy System: Enlist a buddy! It's amazing how much harder it is to back out when someone else is counting on you. Sharing the journey with a friend not only makes it more enjoyable but also keeps you on track.
    4. Diverse Goals: Remember, racing is just one type of goal. Be specific about your objectives – set targets for the number of runs or walks per week, gradually increase your mileage, and embrace the variety that running offers.


    Staying Motivated:

    1. Share Your Goal: Let your family and friends in on your running journey. Their support can be a powerful motivator. Consider seeking guidance from a coach or joining a local running group for added encouragement.
    2. Habit Stacking: Align your runs or walks with activities you already enjoy. Whether it's a Saturday morning jog to your favorite coffee shop or listening to your preferred music or podcast, make running an integral part of the activities you love.
    3. Treat Yourself: Celebrate your achievements with new gear! Investing in quality running gear not only enhances your comfort but also serves as a tangible reward for your hard work and dedication.


    Choosing the Right Goals:

    1. Process vs. Performance: Consider focusing on process goals rather than performance goals. Research indicates that process goals lead to better overall satisfaction. For example, committing to running three days a week is more controllable and sustainable than setting specific time or mileage goals.
    2. Specific Goals: Be specific about your targets. Instead of a general commitment to run more, set a concrete goal like running four days a week. Tangible goals are easier to track and accomplish.
    3. Accountability: Joining a friend or a running group can significantly boost accountability. Weekly running groups and challenges on apps like Strava or Garmin provide a supportive community and shared milestones. Join Goodmiles weekly run clubs every Wednesday & Thursday at 6PM. 
    4. Give Yourself Grace: Life happens, and sometimes, unforeseen challenges may disrupt your plans. Understand that you can only control what's within your reach. Be kind to yourself and stay resilient.


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    As you embark on this exciting journey of setting and achieving running goals, remember that every step counts and every mile is a goodmile. Goodmiles Running Company is here to support and inspire you every stride of the way. Lace up those running shoes, hit the pavement, and let the adventure begin. Happy running!



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