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  • Introducing the HOKA Arahi 7 Running Shoe

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    Introducing the HOKA Arahi 7 Running Shoe

    The fan-favorite HOKA stability shoe is back and better than ever! The updated Arahi 7 includes everything you loved about the old version plus new and improved features.


    Read below to find out what’s new, what’s the same, and if the HOKA Arahi 7 is right for you!


    What’s New in the HOKA Arahi 7

    There’s always room for improvement! Here’s what’s new in the Arahi 7.


    • Improved Upper: The upper of your shoe plays a big role in keeping your midfoot secure, and the Arahi 7 does a fantastic job. It’s now a flat-knit construction, which means it’s very light and breathable, and it is zonally engineered to provide areas of snugness and looseness exactly where your foot needs it. 
    • Improved Tongue and Gusset: The tongue of the Arahi 7 is even more plush than its predecessor, making it supremely comfortable to wear. It’s then locked in place with a dual gusset (the fabric on each side of the tongue), which prevents the tongue from shifting uncomfortably and also stops debris from entering the top of your shoe. 


    Shop the Arahi 7 for men and women online or in-store today.


    What’s the Same in the HOKA Arahi 7

    Why fix what isn’t broken? Here’s what stayed the same in the Arahi 7.


    • HOKA’s Patented Stability Tech: The J-Frame™ is HOKA’s signature stability measure, and it’s just as strong as ever in the Arahi 7. The J-Frame™ is a firm piece of wedge-shaped material that runs along the medial (inner) side of your foot. This stops your foot from overpronating (rolling inward excessively).
    • Certified Goodness for your Feet: The Arahi 7 was reviewed by top podiatrists, and they’ve come to an agreement: this shoe is great for your feet! The American Medical Podiatric Association (APMA) has given the Arahi 7 its Seal of Acceptance, which is given to shoes that promote foot health.
    • Vegan Construction: You can feel good about your impact on the earth when you purchase vegan shoes from HOKA, which were made without any animal products. 


    Shop the Arahi 7 for men and women online or in-store today.


    Is the HOKA Arahi 7 Right for Me?

    Choosing a running shoe is a big decision. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding if the Arahi 7 is your best fit. 


    • It’s a Stability Shoe: The Arahi 7 is a stability shoe, which means there are features that correct and guide your stride. You should wear a stability shoe if you struggle with overpronation or other incorrect and excessive foot movement.
    • It Has Balanced Cushioning: The Arahi 7 falls in HOKA’s mid-range of amount of cushioning in the shoe. This means it’s very soft and comfortable while still being responsive to toe-off. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a semi-plush ride.
    • It’s a 5 mm Heel-Toe Drop: A smaller heel-toe drop (the difference in height between the heel and toe of your shoe) is best for runners who land on the front of the foot or on the midfoot, rather than on the heel of the foot.


    Shop the Arahi 7 for men and women online or in-store today.


    Where to Buy HOKA Shoes in Milwaukee

    Goodmiles Running Company is your one-stop shop for the best HOKA shoes in Milwaukee for men and women! In addition to the brand-new Arahi 7, we carry the best and most popular HOKA styles, including the Clifton and Bondi lines. 


    Visit Goodmiles at our two locations in Brookfield or Greenfield. Our Fit Experts are there to help you find the best-fitting and most comfortable HOKA style for you! You can also shop online 24/7 at goodmilesrunning.com.


    Here’s to all the goodmiles you’ll enjoy in your new HOKAs!



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