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  • How to Be a Better Runner

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    How to Be a Better Runner

    Runners challenge themselves by nature. It’s their instinct to do something hard, and to do it with determination and passion.


    Therefore, whether you’re a beginning or advanced runner, your question is probably the same: How do I become a better runner?


    Here at Goodmiles Running Company, our goal is to help you reach your goals. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and resources to help you up your running game every time you hit the pavement, trail, or treadmill.


    Read on for our best tips, and stop in store any time to talk to one of our Fit Experts. We’re here for your every good mile!



    Tip #1: Set a Regular Training Plan with Challenging Goals, and Track Your Progress!


    First, examine your current regime. How many days a week are you running? For how long each day, and at what pace?


    Then, consider what goal you’re trying to reach. Try to be as concrete as possible; exact numbers are often great motivators! Sample goals could include preparing for a 5K in 6 weeks, running a 5-minute mile, or running 20 miles a week. 


    Once you know where you are now and where you want to go, set a training plan for yourself. Start at your current level and set a series of realistic milestones that build up for your goal—remember, you won’t go from a seven-minute mile to a five-minute in a week!


    As you plan, consult useful online resources, such as these:


    Finally, track and incentivize your progress! Choose small rewards when you hit key milestones, and a big reward at the end. Perhaps that new pair of shoes from Goodmiles that you’ve had your eye on…



    Tip #2: Eat a Thoughtful, Healthy Diet & Hydrate


    A healthy diet is key to being a good runner. Here are some foods and vitamins you should have in regular supply, per John Hopkins Medicine:


    • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Lean Protein: Fish, poultry, beans, lentils and tofu
    • Health Fats: Olive oil, avocado and nuts
    • Healthy Carbohydrates: Rice, whole grain breads/pastas and oatmeal


    Read John Hopkins’ full runners’ diet guide here.


    Generally, carbs should be 60-70% of your caloric intake, with the remaining categories above accounting for the remaining 20-30%. However, everyone’s body is different! If you have specific diet concerns based on allergies, intolerances, or current eating patterns, consult with a dietician or other medical professional to find which foods will be the best fuel for you.


    It’s also important to consume proper amounts of water before, during, and after runs. Never run without having drank water beforehand, and carry water with you as you run. Dehydration can have serious side effects, and illness and pain are sure to set you back on your goals!



    Tip #3: Stock Up on High-Quality Gear


    From head to toe, the right gear can make a big difference in your run. 


    Running shoes come in many varieties so that you can find the most supportive style for your feet. Some runners need the extra support of a stability shoe; some need the extra shock-absorption of a high-cushion style; others need treads made specifically for trails. Whatever you’re looking for, Goodmiles Running Company carries just what you need, and we’re happy to help you find the right fit!


    Apparel is also a big part of the running experience. Consider the climate and temperature you’ll be running in, as well as the fit and material that won’t cause discomfort. Goodmiles carries men’s and women’s tops, bottoms, and accessories to make sure every part of you is comfortable for every mile.


    Shop our full collection in store and online today. 



    Tip #4: Cross Train to Increase Full-Body Strength


    The best runners do more than just run! Cross-training, or adding supplemental non-running workouts to your routine, is hugely beneficial for strength, endurance, and injury prevention.


    Read our full guide to cross-training here.



    Tip #5: Seek Expert Advice and Running Partners


    Running is better when done with friends, and best when done with those who know and love the experience! Take the time to find a support system to encourage, guide, and support you.


    Goodmiles is excited to host two free weekly run clubs for runners of every pace, experience, and interest level. Every week, runners gather at our Brookfield and Greenfield locations to share tips, run together, and socialize with other run-lovers in Milwaukee.


    Learn more about our run clubs here. We hope to have you as our newest running buddy soon!



    Find Running Support in Milwaukee


    The Fit Experts at Goodmiles Running Company are here to help you become the best runner you can be! Every time you visit our Brookfield or Greenfield locations, you’ll be greeted by a staff member who will help you find the best shoe, insole, or apparel for your next run, and who will listen to your needs and work hard to find solutions. We’re here to make every mile a goodmile!



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