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  • Goodmiles x HOKA: Farit Kuri-Azamar

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    Goodmiles x HOKA: Farit Kuri-Azamar


    Introduce yourself:

    Farit: My name is Farit Kuri-Azamar. I have been a fan of Goodmiles Running since Spring of 2023.



    What brought you to Goodmiles Running Company? 

    Farit: What brought me to Goodmiles in the beginning was meeting with Head Staff about our Just Keep Going 2024 Fundraiser. It was a great meeting that occurred in July and I've been a fan of the company since. I have been able to participate in one group run at the Greenfield location, and I hope to be able to join other group runs at both locations coming up soon.


    How is the store different from other retailers in your area? 

    Farit: Goodmiles Running Company is different from other retailers due to its ability to relate to the customer during the service process. They provide a quality experience to runners of all shapes, sizes, and experiences. They make sure that every mile run/walked is a GOOD MILE.


    What’s one of the most memorable running experiences you’ve had in your HOKAs? 

    Farit: At the age of 21, I ran/walked 400 laps (close to 100 miles) around my HS track for a Relay For Life (American Cancer Society Event) for cancer research fundraising. I started at 4pm on a Thursday and completed at 10:13pm on Friday.


    Why do you love HOKA? 

    Farit: I’ve been a fan of HOKA since I bought my first pair in 2017. They're some of the best running shoes you can find on the market, and they provide a quality experience for any type of runner.



    Why is it important to you to give back to your community? 

    Farit: Two quotes I live by - “No one has ever become poor by giving” and "The energy you put out into the universe is the energy that returns to you.” 


    These are quotes that are fundamental in my personal values that drive my life. I believe in life, the goal is to find happiness in whatever interests you and drive you to be the best version of yourself. I believe when you share those interests/pursuits with the world, it betters others around you. If you always make sure others around you are good, you'll always be good. Life's too short and uncertain to not invest in yourself and those around you.


    What is a Goodmile to you? 

    Farit: To me, a good mile is any mile that betters you. It could be a walk or it could be your fastest mile ever. If you're able to put on your shoes, run, and say that you did everything you could to enjoy it, that's a good mile. 


    Every mile that you are able to finish is a good mile, just like every day you are able to experience on this Earth is a good day (some are better than others, but still you were able to experience it)!


    Share your running passion: 

    Farit: The beauty about running - all you need is a pair of shoes.


    Follow Farit’s campaign & fundraiser, Just Keep Going 2024, where his goal is to raise $50,000 for NAMI Southeast by May 2024. Join us in supporting him as he runs from Milwaukee to Madison in May 2024 in order to shine a light on mental illness.


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